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Graduate Coursework

Electrical and Mechanical Engineering

Introduction to Optimization Theory (ESE 504)
Elements of Probability Theory (ESE 530)
Modern Convex Optimization (ESE 605)
Nonlinear Control Theory (ESE 617)
Distributed Dynamical Systems (ESE 635)
Advanced Robotics (MEAM 620)


Computer Science

Algorithms (CIS 502)
Software Systems (CIS 505)
Theory of Computation (CIS 511)
Fundamentals of Linear Algebra and Optimization (CIS 515)
Machine Learning (CIS 520)
Machine Perception (CIS 580)
Computer Vision (CIS 581)



Advanced Probability (MATH 546/STAT 530)
Stochastic Processes (MATH 547/STAT 531)
Advanced Geometric Methods in Computer Science (MATH 676/CIS 610)